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Come and spend some
time before the Lord in
His Divine Presence
every Saturdays, 3pm.

Bible Study Group

None of us in the group are true "theologians," but all of us are enjoying the journey of exploring and learning what the Early Church did and where and why. We're looking at ancient maps that show us all these strange sounding places that Paul and his companions visited. We're reading other ancient writings outside the Bible that gives us more information about these times and what happened. We go slow, because we don't want to miss God's wisdom packed into every verse. Every Gospel writer has his own perspective. We take our time when we study. We linger on passages, to talk about what each verse might mean and what the Church teaches. We respect one another's opinions, and we value our time together more as each year passes.
We have heard it said that, at one time, Catholics were not encouraged to study scripture and we want to change that perspective.

The group also consist of praising God with spontaneous prayers and songs. These periods of prayer are punctuated with Scripture readings, commentaries, and prayers for the particular needs of individuals.

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks to God, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

Why not consider joining our group for Bible Study on Sundays after 11:00am Mass in room No.6 or contact our coordinator Mr. Sunday Okafor